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Annabel Lumsden

Director at TP Financial Solutions

We've worked with Helen a few times now and each session has been fab. She really helps us to evaluate our business process, make improvements for us and our clients and implement the changes. All this has led to faster conversion and better income streams.

Richard Alston

Director at Alston + Donnelly Architecture

Everyone regardless of experience can benefit from the methods and  tips and tricks you have offered. It’s been so useful and I really couldn’t put a figure on how valuable it has been for us as a business. Working with Helen, we had a year on year growth of 30%!

Helen Fitton

Business Owner - Sunflower Health and Wellbeing

I had it all in my head, but Helen supported me to get it down on paper and really drill down into the specifics of the business. She has helped me to change some of my thoughts and beliefs around my business. I've achieved results that I never thought I would be able to, I can stand in a room and share what my business is and how it helps people.

Tarnia Elsworth

Director at TP Financial Solutions

The savings have been two fold. A lot of the front end stuff we've been able to pass to our admin because we've identified actually this isn't an advisor role, we need to pass that off so the training has saved us time. The you have our huge increase in revenue. At the end of October we ran some figures and we were 67 percent up on exactly what we've done last year and it's that clarity of our offer which has allowed us to feel confident in our pricing.

Pete Cann

Managing Director - The Chef Tree

Since partnering with your company, we've experienced a remarkable 30% growth in our bookings, which has not only boosted our revenue but also paved the way for exciting new opportunities. This growth enabled us to expand into a new region, bringing our unique offerings to more customers. Moreover, we've been able to recruit and train our very first salesperson, a milestone that signifies our evolving business. Most importantly, your guidance has provided us with a clear and repeatable strategy to continue our growth trajectory. 

Maritsa Inglessis

Owner - IM HR Consulting Limited 

I first reached out to Helen because I am not a salesperson. I have never really had to sell in my career.  And so I knew that I needed some help with that and being able to articulate exactly how I help,  clients to achieve the results that they're looking for.

The sorts of things that I needed help with was to be able to, Find more clients, to know what to say on calls with them, how to get them through a process so that they weren't feeling like they were being sold at and really using more of a consultative approach to help them see that the solution that I was offering, is the right one for them.

Emma Bolton

Owner - BoltOn HR

Dennise Hilliman

CEO - The LEAD Mindset®

It is an absolute pleasure to recommend Helen's services. I had six coaching sessions with Helen. The focus was to refine my sales strategy. The work I did with Helen resulted in several of my leads converting to clients. Her approach with me strategies like:
My time spent with Helen was value for money. I implemented what I learnt and was able to close a sale for over £100K. I am more confident in making sales and closing deals now.

Denise .jpeg


CMS Vocational Training

We worked with Helen as a team for 6 months. She came in to support us by looking at the methods we used to sell our services and make small changes to enable us to grow the business and also cut down on time spent, making more calls than was needed. We listened to calls together to evaluate what could be changed and where we could implement more questions asked to get to a solution quicker. She has helped me to change some of my thoughts around talking to new customers and realising I am here to ‘help them decide what is right for their business.’ Some small changes to terminology and asking those few probing questions really helps get decisions made so much quicker!


CMS Vocational Training

Objection handling is an area where I've seen remarkable improvement. The training provided me with practical strategies to navigate these challenges seamlessly, turning potential roadblocks into opportunities. I now approach objections with confidence, thanks to the techniques I've acquired.

One of the most profound lessons was the shift from feeling as though I was “selling” to simply, “exploring”, and this has given me the confidence to dig a little deeper. I've learned to breathe, listen intently, and ask more questions.


Gareth Luke

Director - CMS Vocational Training

The collaboration with Helen from "The Sales Lady" has been impactful for our business. While industry standards suggested a modest 7% increase in apprenticeship sign-ups in the first quarter of the 23/24 academic year, our results have soared to an unprecedented 45% increase. It's important to acknowledge that while some of this success can be attributed to broader industry trends, Helen's expert training has enabled our team to capitalise on these opportunities swiftly. Her insights and methodologies have significantly enhanced our team's ability to engage in effective sales dialogues, ask impactful questions, expedite the enquiry process, and approach these interactions with newfound confidence.


The tangible improvements in our team's engagement with our products, their ability to easily navigate sales conversations, and their heightened confidence in exploring the benefits of our offerings have been a real benefit of the process. Over the past six months, this uplift has not only been sustained but we are also poised to continue this positive trajectory.

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