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Do you have a goal you’re trying to achieve but don’t know where to begin? Let me guide you. Take a look at the list of my services below, and contact me if you have any questions or special requests.

121 Coaching 3-month programme starting at £3,000.00 +VAT

This is ideal for business owners who are fully responsible for selling and bringing in the money, especially those that have recently left employed work to set up their own business.

Working 121 with me for a 3-month period so we can really get under the hood of your business and understand your current sales position, produce a road map using my obstacle planning and goal setting approach to know what is standing in your way of getting the results that you are looking for. Then we get to work on removing those hurdles so that you can feel confident on what to say and the process needed to make more money, quicker and feel stronger and more confident in how you go about doing that.

This is especially effective if you are either.

New to selling your offering and in the first 12 months this can feel so different to selling someone else’s products/services, what I can tell you is the sooner you get clear on the above the sooner you can bring opportunities to your business and get your first sale across the line, and I know first hand how good that feels. It is all totally possible and will be quicker by investing in me to help you than doing it on your own.


You are reaching your ceiling of what you can achieve on your own, you have been doing okay but you know there is more that you can achieve and are frustrated that you cannot seem to find what is needed to push that envelope and make your next £100K or to hire your first sales professional. Staying put and playing small seems like a good option, but some how not a very satisfying one for you as business owner who wants to grow and help create more in your industry!

Working weekly 121 for 3 months means that you get accountability to keep taking the right actions and we troubleshoot the issues as they come up for you, so you get to master your sales skills in the moment as you are learning from real customer interactions – this is the quickest way to practice the actions and what leads to faster results plus it is way more fun too!

Some common sales problem areas that I cover – Defining your sales process, not liking the idea of selling, low belief, and structure in your pricing, and offering and handling objections in sales conversations. See my testimonials for the results that you can obtain in that short period of time. - Contact me

Bespoke Training Days – Day rates start at £900 + VAT per day 

 Ideal for businesses to offer as refreshers to their team and additional bite sized learning opportunities for them to take back into the business and to build on internally.

Essential Sales and Communication Training

Cold Outreach

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Team Building Days

Advanced Selling Skills

Personality Awareness Sales Skills

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3-month Accelerator sales training and coaching package. Starting from £5000 + VAT

This is the most popular offering as it is ideal for businesses with existing sales professionals who want to maximise revenue results and quicker, as a business owner or senior leader you will know your team are capable of more but do not have the time, will or skill to be able to train them:

This package is designed for companies who already have sales professionals working for them, they are bringing in the sales, but they want to offer them something that will help improve their sales mastery, advanced skills, and confidence. This will help you to elevate your team to super sales delivery with results starting to show around 6-8 weeks in.

Teams discover how they can become truly effective and sell quicker and easier, learn an aligned sales process that everyone can follow and one that is easier to manage, so when delivered it gives the same experience to achieve client consistency, an increase in conversion and increased revenue coming into the business quicker than before.

This is achieved via a mixture of group training days and individual sales/call coaching sessions to support the development by using my sales evaluation tools which helps individuals accelerate their sales results by troubleshooting exactly where they feel under confident in the current sales interactions. This means that we can take quick action on the very next calls and rectify the areas they are struggling with that are becoming blockers to customers saying yes more to your business offering. Sessions are often every 2 weeks, so this really does allow results to flow through faster because action is taken on the very next customer interaction, so the learning is accelerated. Even more so as it is run by an external sales expert so you get the added benefit of fresh eyes on your team’s performance which will help you operationally to support and embed the learning.

It may be that to achieve the results that your business is looking for the quickest way, that the best course of action is a mixture of training, sales strategy planning and coaching services, this will be discussed on our consultation call/visit and a quotation will be provided for your approval.

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