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 Unlocking your sales potential 



121 Coaching 3-month programme

Working 121 with me for a 3-month period so we can really get under the hood of your business and understand your current sales position, produce a road map using my obstacle planning and goal setting approach to know what is standing in your way of getting the results that you are looking for. Then we get to work on removing those hurdles so that you can feel confident on what to say and the process needed to make more money, quicker and feel stronger and more confident in how you go about doing that. Learn more

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Bespoke Training Days

Rates are tailored and flexible to your companies’ operational needs, topics include.

Essential Sales and Communication Training

Cold Outreach

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Team Building Days

Advanced Selling Skills

Personality Awareness Sales Skills

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6-month Accelerator sales training and coaching package.

This package is designed for companies who already have sales professionals working for them, they are bringing in the sales, but they want to offer them something that will help improve their sales mastery, advanced skills, and confidence. This will help you to elevate your team to super sales delivery with results starting to show around 6-8 weeks in. Learn more

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The best thing about Helen’s ‘Sales Through Service’ training courses were the practical tools she provided to make a marketing campaign client focused. I have changed the angle of my social media posts as a direct result of Helen’s teaching and am already reaping rewards with paid work and getting some strategic partners in place.
In addition, Helen’s training style is very down to Earth and approachable allowing participants to engage readily with the content.
I would recommend Helen’s training courses – what have you got to lose, and what might you gain?

R Gristwood

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Helen was a great support and gave me some fantastic help and advice. Helen has helped me implement a better process when it comes to customer service in turn making me more customer-focused. (After I already thought I was) The results that I have seen from Helen’s training has really made an impact on my business, turnover is up and we now have a better customer process in place meaning both me and my clients have a better understanding and more confidence at each and every stage of their investment.
Thank you Helen

Tim Lees – Director - Performance Blinds

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Helen was just Fab to work with, very dedicated to our training sessions and she gave great value. There was a great understanding of the sales process, this has made me more deliberate in my approach and my sales activities have increased. This has meant that opportunities are converting a lot quicker now rather than sitting on a bunch of leads and not knowing what to do with them. I now feel much more confident in achieving the revenue needed to hire my first sales professional. Thanks Helen I can't wait for you to start work with the team!

Ola - Business Owner at Ripples Custom Designs and Prints


"Thanks to Helen, in literally the space of a month I’ve gone from having no concrete leads and no confidence to potentially working with 3 big regional law and HR companies. Plus, I’ve got 2 more big conversations in the pipeline, a black book of potential contacts that I’m now excited about reaching out to and a potential income in the last 3 months of this year that will be more than I’ve earned in the first 9 months combined!"

Sarah Coulson - Founder - Halcyon Therapies Endometriosis Specialists


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