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Why choose me?
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What I always start with is working on your sales mindset so that you feel comfortable about what you will be giving to your customers so that you will end up feeling so much more confident in the areas that will make the difference:

How you are showing up to be able to sell to your customers, so it doesn’t feel out of alignment and a bit meh.

You will get really clear on the value that your offer delivers so people just buy into that.

Getting comfortable with your sales process so that there are no grey areas or chinks in it, we will trouble shoot ahead of that, so you know how to respond to customer questions and objections guiding them to a yes and quicker without all the extra steps that we often put in our process to make us feel better.

All of this means that you feel ready to approach more people and when you master this level of confidence around what you are selling it becomes so much easier and more enjoyable and you do not have to spend so much time doing it either.

I really can not wait to help support sales professionals on their journey; whether you are part of a sales team, managing the sales functions or sales is totally your responsibility as a business owner it doesn’t matter as my process can, and has been applied to multiple sectors and offerings.

  • Background and Experience 

With over 15 years of experience within senior sales roles and managing sales teams, Helen has a particular focus on highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and advanced manufacturing so she really does know what customers will be demanding of your front-line staff and what is needed to sell and maintain high levels of customer service.

Her most memorable experiences are within advanced manufacturing and engineering sales where there is a lot of fact-finding, understanding customer needs, and then handling complex objections by working on the psychology of selling.

Helen is a qualified life coach but chose to use her insights gained in her training into how we think and then feel specifically within sales situations and look at the movement of thought-driven results and how we can use this to our advantage.

Helen made the move to self-employment in early 2021 because she didn’t like the way that the world viewed selling and salespeople and wanted to change the way that people viewed this profession for the better so we can all help more people, create more impact, and make more money whilst we do that.

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